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For over a decade, Amy Arvary (R-ver-ee) has been transforming audiences and private clients by using her unique customized approach to guide participants to be the very best version of themselves. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Amy has mastered the ability to identify blocks in our thinking. She helps individuals’ reframe their thinking to better align with what they desire to overcome, achieve, and attract into their lives.

Many years ago, after experiencing a life crisis, Amy Arvary found herself shift into a place of fear, sadness and anger. Unprepared for life’s changes and terrified of the failure that she imagined, it was the end of many things that she once knew. She was hopeless. During this time, Ms. Arvary was introduced to meditation and curiously noticed that she began to feel better. She was intrigued. She became fixated on understanding ‘how’ and ‘why’ she was feeling better. Her search kept bringing her back to hypnosis, where she decided to dig deeper. Her fascination led to a certification in basic hypnosis. Life shifted for her again and she continued her journey, acquiring both advanced and master level certification in clinical hypnotherapy.

“I never really intended to become a clinical hypnotherapist. It evolved out of necessity. I was depressed and introduced to an alternative way of dealing with it. I wanted to understand how the brain worked. That’s how I was introduced to hypnosis. I signed up for a class and there was only one seat left. I felt that seat was meant to be mine. I was working in the salon at the time and just doing this on the side. The effects were so amazing that people began to notice. Every single thing in my life began to change. From there, I started reaching out to schools and businesses. I ended up leaving the salon that I was working at to devote my time to helping others.” As a certified master clinical hypnotherapist, speaker, and coach, it is Ms. Arvary’s intent to demonstrate how to reduce the ‘static’ in your thoughts so you can focus more clearly on achieving the goals you have for yourself.

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“Thank you for your daily meditations, it means the world to me.”

Michelle D.

““I love going to sleep each night with your meditations!”

Blair F.

“Amy Arvary changed my life, and I could not thank her enough.”

Brittany R.

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