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Learn tools and techniques to help you:

Adjust limiting thoughts

Become the best version of yourself

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“What is it you wished you believed about yourself?”

– Amy Arvary

Our Mission

At MINDSET by Amy Arvary, we are passionate about helping others align with their greatest self through guided visualization, clinical hypnosis, and social-emotional healing techniques to bring an immediate sense of clarity, confidence, freedom, fulfillment, and purpose.

We work with adults, students, and businesses, customizing each session/workshop/event to their specific needs.

Do you desire more, different, or better?

Do you wish you had more self-confidence?

Are you stuck in the past with old limiting beliefs?

Do you feel lonely, bored, or stagnate?

Meet Amy

For over a decade, Amy Arvary (R-ver-ee) has been transforming audiences and private clients by using her unique customized approach to guide participants to be the very best version of themselves.

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Awareness is the first step towards success.


You will learn the tools and techniques to overcome obstacles in order to live your best life.


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“Amy’s program and weekly mindfulness and hypnosis lessons have been so beneficial for my mental health and my every life. Thanks to her representation and exercises, I start my day every morning with some positive affirmations that help to lead me with light and love throughout the rest of the day. By changing my thoughts from negative to positive and powerful thoughts, I have been able to change my behavior, and my overall experience over the past two weeks has allowed my spirit to be lifted, my mentality driven with confidence, and has put my anxiety at ease.”

High School Senior

I did it! After a lifetime of debilitating fear of bridges, I did hypnosis. So Billy suggested we take a test run. Went to lunch at a cute little place on the Hudson River via the Mario Cuomo bridge ( to those with no fear, it’s an easy peasy bridge). It was unbelievable. No fear whatsoever. AT ALL. Not sure who was happier, me or Billy. Next test, Delaware Memorial! Thank you Amy M. For suggesting her. Thank you Amy Arvary! I can’t believe the freedom I feel!

Pam G.

Amy has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped my sales team get energized and motivated. Amy simply radiates great energy and everyone benefits from being around her.

Julie LaFranco, General Manager at California Closets
Working with Amy is extremely mind opening. Her patient, caring enthusiasm for what she does comes through in her work. Amy’s unique perspectives and out-of-the box thinking always get the best out of me on a work and personal level.

Damon Jenkins, VP of Operations at Byram Bus Company
Amy Arvary has graciously partnered with Pass It Along in providing workshops for our high school participants for many years. Her workshops not only provide mindfulness tools for dealing with future life challenges, but also provide immediate stress relief for participants.
Pass It Along’s new 10-week “Manifest with Amy” program transformed the high school students into more confident, self-compassionate people who walk with more ease knowing they have agency over their lives. The discussions and personal growth that come from workshops with Amy are deep and profound for all ages. I couldn’t recommend working with her enough. ”

Anna Gundersen, Program Director at Pass It Along

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Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Enjoy this eight minute guided visualization experience with Amy.


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